You Will Not Regret What You Did For Others

by Victor Eskew

As we look back on life,

We may regret things that we have said.

We may regret things the way we behaved.

We may regret not making an investment.

We may regret not getting more education.

We may regret not taking a job.

We may regret not taking care of our health.

But, we will not regret the things that we did for others.

At the time, it might have been a sacrifice.

At the time, you felt like there were other important things to do.

At the time, there may have been little, if any, appreciation.

At the time, you put other things on hold.

At the time, you put in a lot of time and effort.

At the time, you faced some type of criticism.

Looking back, however, there are no regrets.

You helped another person.

You got someone through a hard time.

You learned some important lessons.

You strengthened our character.

You became more like Jesus.

You kept a soul saved.

You did not compromise.

You did not give up.

You set an example for others.

Doing for others is not always easy. Sometimes self must be put on the back burner. In time, however, we learn that the decision to help another human being was right. We do not regret what we have done for others.