Worrying About What’s Next

Steve Higginbotham

I have a good friend who lives in Kentucky and he’s a huge fan of UK basketball. He’s such a fan that he gets a bit too worked up while watching their games. Therefore, instead of watching their games live, he records their games and busies himself with other things. Then when the game is over, he checks the final score. If UK won, he can then sit down and watch that game without any worry or stress. No matter how “nip and tuck” the game may be, he doesn’t worry because he knows how the game ends.

I believe there’s a lesson here for all Christians. Too many of us worry about what tomorrow holds. We fret about what will happen next. However, here’s my question: “Why should we worry about what happens next when we know what happens last?”
Life holds a lot of ups and downs, even for the Christian. But that is no reason to unduly worry and fret about tomorrow, for we know what happens in the end! We’ve read the end of the book, haven’t we? And the book records that in the end, we’re victorious (Revelation 2:10)!
So, the next time you’re tempted to overly concern yourself with what will happen next, just remember that you know what will happen last!