Wives and Mothers

by Russell Kline

The woman’ s role in the home, as wife and mother, is frequently maligned in our society to the detriment of families everywhere. Many regard a woman’s life to be wasted, if she foregoes a career, in order to raise her children and attend to her family. While a woman has every right to pursue her ambitions and leave her proverbial mark on the world, it must be recognized that there is nothing wrong with a woman who wants to devote her life to being a wife and mother. Some may argue otherwise, but the woman’s role in the home is of paramount importance.

The Bible says that the woman is the “keeper” of the home (Tit. 2:4,5). This denotes the idea of her making the home a safe haven from the world for her husband and children. In this way, she is her husband’ s “helper” (Gen. 2:18-25). It is her responsibility to follow his Godly leadership and to support him, as he watches out for the best interests of the family. Also, she is responsible for keeping her family on the right spiritual path (2 Tim. 1:5). If her husband will not lead the family in the right direction, she must do so, herself (1 Pet. 3:1-4).

The Bible does not say that Christian women have no choice about how they may live their lives. In the Bible, we read about Godly women who had careers (like Lydia; Acts 16:14,15). Also, we read about Godly women who devoted their lives to serving others (like Dorcas; Acts 9:36-41). The point is that a Christian woman can be whatever she wants, as long as she does not neglect her duties as wife and mother. When a woman chooses to get married and have children, she takes up a mantle of responsibility that she cannot put down. She must take her commitment seriously.

Is God Part of Your Family?

Families everywhere are in crisis. The integrity of what was once considered an “average” family (husband/ father + wife/mother + children all living together in one house) is under assault from numerous adversaries. Many have given up on the ideals of marriage and family life, in favor of modern sensibilities. But, we don’t have to settle for anything less than the Biblical model of what “home” is all about. If you want a truly Christian home, then the first thing you need to do is make God part of your family. This happens when families make God’s Word the central focus of their lives. When the Bible is read in the home, obeyed in the home, and reverenced in the home, then the home will be as God designed it. The problem with modern families is that they are not based on God’s design for the home. Let’s all dedicate ourselves to making God part of our families. Our lives will be better for having made the effort.