What is Earth to You?

Sometimes articles get written that have a different perspective or outlook on life in general. This is one of those articles. It was written by Steve Higginbotham.


Occasionally, someone will ask me how I come up with ideas for all the articles I write. Well, it’s not hard when you’re surrounded by people who are spiritually minded. Just this week, a friend and brother, Lance Champion made an observation that has really resonated with me and I hope it will you too.

Lance said, “For those who are Christians, earth will be the closest they’ll ever get to Hell; and for those who are not Christians, earth will be the closest they’ll ever get to Heaven.”

I find that statement to be profound; pregnant with hope as well as sadness.

I have a vivid memory of riding in the car with my dad when I was a boy. We were riding through an area where the houses were dilapidated and children were running around barefoot and barely clothed. I remember sitting at a traffic light, watching the children, and telling my dad how sad I felt for those kids and the conditions in which they lived. I’ll never forget my dad’s response. He said, “Unless someone teaches them about Jesus, this is the best it will ever get for them.”

I hate to think that this world is the very best some will ever experience. It lights a fire under me to be more zealous in sharing the gospel. However, at the same time, I take great comfort in the fact that because I am a child of God, this world, with all its heartaches and hardships will be the worst I’ll ever experience!