Upcoming Events for September 20, 2015

Today Ladies service project after evening service (3rd Sundays)

September 21-October 26 Green Plain School of Biblical Studies.  Monday nights.  7-9pm.  Premillenialism; Book of Acts, Part 2.

September 26 Ladies’ Day. Central church of Christ (Paducah). Cindi Burleson speaking.  9am – 12:30pm.  Brunch provided.

September 17 – December 17 MSOP Ongoing Spiritual Training. Thursdays.  On campus or online.  Fall courses: Acts; Studies in the Gospel of John, II; Old Testament Introduction.

October 4 – Fellowship meal following morning worship.

Ladies service project in the evening after singing service.  (1st Sundays)

October 11-13 Gospel Meeting. Metropolis church of Christ.  “Reaching for a Better Life.” Sunday 6pm, Mon-Tues 7pm.

October 25-28 Gospel Meeting. Madisonville church of Christ. Glenn Hitchcock speaking.  Sunday 6pm, Mon – Wed 7pm.