Upcoming Events for October 18, 2015

Tonight Ladies service project after evening service.

(3rd Sundays)

October 18-20 Gospel Meeting, Maple Hill church of Christ. Brandon Baggett speaking.  Sun. 7:30pm, Mon.-Tues., 7pm.

October 18-21 Gospel Meeting, Coldwater church of Christ.  Andy Brewer speaking. Sun. 1pm, Mon.-Wed., 7pm.

October 18-21 Spiritual Sword Lectureship, Getwell church of Christ, Memphis, TN.

October 22-25 Gospel Meeting, Hazel church of Christ. David Gulledge speaking. (Fri. night singing) Thurs.-Sat., 7pm, Sun., 7:30pm.

October 25-28 Gospel Meeting, Madisonville church of Christ. Glenn Hitchcock speaking.  Sun. 6pm, Mon. – Wed., 7pm.

November 1-4 Gospel Meeting here at Sunny Slope.  Wade Webster speaking. “The Fleecing of the Christian Home.”  Sun. 9:30, 10:30, and 2:30.  Mon.-Wed., 7pm.

November 15 Byron Henbest will speak to us during evening services about the work at Potter Children’s Home.