Upcoming Events for March 25, 2018

March 25-28

Gospel Meeting. Coldwater church of Christ. Stephen Rogers speaking. Sun – 1 pm, Mon-Wed – 7pm.


March 25-29

Memphis School of Preaching Lectures.  Details on the bulletin board.


April 1

Ladies’ service project after evening singing services.


April 1-3

Gospel Meeting. Marion (IL) church of Christ. Dennis Gulledge speaking. Sun – 5 pm, Mon-Tues – 7pm.


April 8

Fellowship meal after morning services.

Service at Parkview at 1:30 pm


April 8-12

Gospel Meeting. Green Plain church of Christ. Eddy Craft speaking. Sun – 7:30pm, Mon-Thurs – 7pm.


April 21-22

Madisonville church of Christ Lectureship. Details on the bulletin board.


July 13-15

West Kentucky Bible Lectures