Upcoming Events for June 12, 2016

Today Service at Parkview at 1:30 pm.

Tonight Instead of the usual potluck lunch, we will have an ice cream supper after evening singing services

June 12-15 VBS at Central church of Christ (Paducah). 6-8pm.

June 12-15 VBS at Lebanon church of Christ. 6-8pm (Meal included).  Classes for all ages.

June 12-15 Gospel Meeting at Central church of Christ (Caruthersville, MO). 7pm nightly.  BJ Clarke speaking.

June 12-15 Gospel Meeting at Union Grove church of Christ. Sun 2pm, Mon-Wed 7pm.  Miles Mayo speaking.

June 13-17 VBS at Spring Creek church of Christ. 7-9pm nightly.

June 19-21 Gospel Meeting at North Marshall church of Christ. Sun. 730pm, Mon-Tues 7pm. Gary Knuckles speaking.

June 25-26 Evangelism workshop hosted by the Central church of Christ (Paducah). Kelvin Pugh speaking.

July 15-17 West Kentucky Bible Lectures

August 7-9 Area Wide Gospel Meeting. Carson Center, Paducah, KY

August 19-25 Polishing the Pulpit.  Sevierville, TN.