Upcoming Events for April 10, 2016

Today Fellowship meal followed by 1:30 service at Parkview(2nd Sunday)

April 10-12 Gospel meeting at Marion, Il. church of Christ.  Speaker – Mike McDaniel.  Sun 6pm, Mon-Tues 7pm.

April 10-13 Gospel meeting at Coldwater church of Christ. Speaker – Alan Adams.  Sun 1pm. Mon-Wed 7pm.

April 10-14 Gospel meeting at Green Plain church of Christ. Speaker – Garland Robinson. Sun – 7:30pm. Mon – Thurs 7pm.

April 17 Ladies’ service project

April 20-24 Phillips Street church of Christ Lectureship. Dyersburg, TN. “Ancient Truths.” Singing at 7pm.  Lessons begin at 7:30pm.

April 23-24 Madisonville church of Christ Lectureship. “Lies Christians Believe.”

April 30 Central church of Christ, Paducah. “Pressing On” youth rally. Theme “Our Spiritual Warfare” with speaker Lonnie Jones.

July 15-17 West Kentucky Bible Lectures

August 7-9 Area Wide Gospel Meeting