The Immoral Cesspool

Victor M. Eskew

When a person has morals, he understands and practices the difference between right and wrong. Immorality takes place when the right becomes wrong and the wrong becomes right. Immorality begins with minor infractions. If continued, it turns into a cesspool. This is exactly where our nation is at this time.

Drinking – gambling – cursing – homosexuality – prostitution – lying – drugs  – transgenderism – gender confusion – extortion – anger – violence – murder – destruction of property – blasphemy – haters of God – false witness – division – pornography – adultery – fornication – cohabitation – lust for power – lust for money – lovers of pleasure – hatred – witchcraft -slothfulness – cheating – injustice – oppression – envy – idolatry – heresy.

Some seem to be swimming in the deep end of the cesspool while others are walking on the edges. Sadly, its stench is smelled by all.

Some would like to clean it up. They are told that the task is impossible. If they even attempt to do so, those who love the pool fight diligently against them. They will not have their cesspool (immorality) take from them.

The pool just continues to grow. Sadly, every day more and more victims are drowned in the toxic fluid.

Fortunately, God has delegated a specific place for those who want to separate themselves from the immoral cesspool. The name of the place is “the church.” The word “church” means “the called out ones.” These individuals have cleansed themselves from the taint of the cesspool by the precious blood of Christ. They seek to remain pure and holy. They refuse the invitations to swim in the slime of the cesspool. They are looked upon as being different, weird, and funny. They are ridiculed and called names by the cesspool swimmers. They could care less. They rejoice in that they are free from the horrors and consequences of the cesspool. They now swim in the pristine waters of holiness, honesty, integrity, uprightness, and righteousness.

Would any one care to join us in the enjoyment of God-given morality?