“Our Marriage Will Not Affect Others”

Raymond Elliott

This was said by a ‘gay’ person who planned on marrying his ‘partner’ after the Supreme Court Justices (I shall call them ‘little gods’ since they redefined the definition of what marriage has been understood for centuries, i.e., the joining together of a man and woman in matrimony) legalized same sex marriages on June 26, 2015. The man probably was correct in his assumption that his particular marriage ceremony would not affect others; however, the legalization of homosexual marriages will have some of the greatest impact on the citizens of the United States of America like it has never experienced before in the history of our nation.

First of all, let me say that the liberal estimate of the number of ‘gays’ living in our nation is only 2-4 percent. Whenever any negative statements are made, or articles written about the homosexual style of living, the words “homophobic’ and ‘bigot’ are used toward the heterosexual population. Now that the ‘little gods’ have legalized ‘gay marriages’, we are going to discover just how intolerant a group of people can be when individuals and businesses will not canter to their demands. The courts throughout the land will be filled with law suits of ‘gays’ demanding their ‘rights’, whatever they might be. F. LaGard Smith wrote the following in his book, ‘Sodom’s Second Coming’, page 8, “Hardly anyone stops to notice that gay rights means heterosexuals having to give up rights – like the right to consider character when renting one’s house or when hiring the church secretary; or the right of parents to keep their children from being taught that homosexual couples are just as acceptable as mommie and daddy.” Incidentally, his book was published in 1993.

There are individuals who are not ‘church going’ people who understand that men marrying men and women marrying women is contrary to nature; and, whose consciences will prevent them from encouraging this kind of life style. They will also be challenged when ‘gays’ demand of them services which will be contrary to their convictions.

Here is a partial list of individuals, churches, religious organizations and businesses that will certainly be tried and tested because of the legalization of ‘gay marriages’.

–          Christian adopting agencies.

–          Preachers who, based on the teaching of the Bible, will neither condone such a style of living nor perform a wedding for homosexuals.

–          Churches that will not allow ‘gay marriages’ to be conducted in their buildings.

–          Businesses and companies that choose not to hire ‘gays’; or, be unwilling to pay for the insurance, retirement, etc. of a married ‘gay couple’.

–          Religious universities and schools that choose not to hire teachers who are homosexuals.

–          Professional photographers.

–          Florists.

–          Rental property owners.

–          Bed and Breakfast owners.

–          Christian teachers in universities and schools who will refuse to teach a curriculum that advocates that the ‘gay life style’ and marriages should be accepted as being normal.

–          Probate Judges and Justices of the Peace who refuse to perform a ‘gay marriage’.

–          Religious companies that publishes books and literature.

–          Preachers who publicly preach and/or write articles that the homosexual style of living is sinful.

We can now expect that television commercials will be using ‘gay married couples’ in their advertising of different products, companies and businesses. The ‘soap operas’ have been encouraging the ‘gay lifestyle’. You can be sure that more will be forthcoming.

Christian parents will have to be more aware what is being taught their children in the public schools system. More time will need to be spent in teaching children what the Word of God has to say on the subject of homosexuality. Conviction on such matters can be held and taught without hatred for anyone.