Oh for the Day of No Cell Phone Distractions

By Victor M. Eskew

All of us appreciate our cell phones. People, information, games, television, GPS, weather information, and a host of other things have been put into the palm of our hands. This is the value of advances in technology.

However, our cell phones have also become one of the biggest distractions in our lives.

1. We are distracted from walking in public places. We have all seen those who have taken a bath in an outdoor fountain because they were walking and watching their cell phone.

2. We are distracted from our relationships. Husbands and wives will go out to eat and never talk to one another because they are using their cell phones.

3. We are distracted in our driving. This has become such a dangerous practice that states are creating laws that make it a crime to use one’s cell phone while driving.

4. We are distracted from our work. 24/7 people are using their cell phones. Part of this time involves the time they are at work. Texting, surfing the internet, and watching TV or YouTube are common among employees.

5. We are distracted from our worship. Individuals bring their cell phones to the worship services. They say they are using the Bible app on their phone, but we know how easy it is to move from one app to another. Texting and game playing is common among members during worship.

6. We are distracted from God’s creation. How many people look up when they go outside? How many see a beautiful blue sky? How many see the moon and stars? How many see the flowers that are blooming? We can’t because we are looking down at our cell phones.

7. We are distracted from our lives. Instead of our phones being part of our lives, they have become our lives. If we do not have our phones, we do not know how to act.

A great piece of technology has become one of our enemies. All Christians need to develop self-control when it comes to the use of their phones. We must learn how to control our phones rather than our phones controlling us.

Sorry, gotta go. My cell phone is ringing and dinging.