Seven Deadly Sins

by David Hart

Somewhere in the misty past, someone identified seven sins as most deadly. They were pride, covetousness, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth. While I would not in any way diminish the wickedness and danger of those seven, I do think that Christians living in the 21st century are face with another seven sins, equally as dangerous and destructive.

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Upcoming Events for May 5, 2019


Ladies’ service project after evening singing service.


May 9

Teens in the Word. 6:30-8 pm


May 12

Service at Parkview at 1:30.


May 19

Ladies’ service project after evening service.


June 8

Sunny Slope Ladies Bible Class.  10:30-11:30 am


July 12-14

West Kentucky Bible Lectures

How Much of the Lord’s Time Have You Stolen?

Author Unknown

There was a story in Rochester, Texas church bulletin about a young man who was working in a large department store, being told by his employer that he would be required to work on Sunday.

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Make of It What You Will

Author Unknown

Don’t let others decide what your attitude will be. We can do right despite what someone else does. We must make the best of the circumstances we are given.

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Roger D. Campbell

We understand that not every person that hears the gospel will receive it. Our Lord’s parable of the sower certainly teaches that this is the case. The historical record of the Book of Acts also plainly shows that many who heard the word rejected it. On the other hand, when the truth is preached, some do believe and obey it. For this we are ever grateful and give glory to God.

Sometimes it is said about a person, “Don’t bother trying to talk to him, he’ll never change.” Probably all of us at one time or another have heard, said, or at least thought this about someone that we knew was not a Christian.

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