Make of It What You Will

Author Unknown

Don’t let others decide what your attitude will be. We can do right despite what someone else does. We must make the best of the circumstances we are given.

• A blacksmith makes five dollars worth of iron into horseshoes and gets ten dollars for them.

• A cutler makes the same iron into knives and gets two hundred dollars.

• A machinist makes the same iron into needles, and gets sixty-eight hundred dollars.

• A watchmaker takes the same iron and makes it into mainspring, and gets two hundred thousand dollars: or into hair-springs and gets two million dollars, sixty times the value of the same weight of gold.

• Strange as it may seem, the honeybee makes her honey from exactly the same nectar from which the hermit spider distills one of the deadliest poisons known to man. The bee’s makeup allows her to produce honey, while the hermit spider’s allows her to produce poison. Only one brings a smile to the lips of a child.

Two people can respond to the same circumstances in completely different ways. One will use them to produce ‘honey’ to the glory of God, and the other will produce ‘poison’ to the shame of his Maker. Think of the honey that Joseph made with circumstances his brothers provided for him. What are you making of your life and the circumstances surrounding it?