Judging Others by Their Gaffs

Victor Eskew

A gaff involves one making a minor mistake about a fact when he is speaking. In a sermon on one occasion, I made the statement: “Jesus wore a thorn of crowns.” Ugh and LOL.

A person can go on YouTube and find all kinds of funny gaffs made by all types of people: sports casters, news anchors, TV personalities, Presidents, public speakers, motivational speakers, and on the list goes.

Most of the time gaffs are understood by those who hear them. They chuckle and realize the person made a simple mistake. This is as it should be.

If it is pointed out to the person who made it, he will be a little embarrassed and laugh. He will also be willing to admit the mistake and correct it. This, too, is as it should be.

Some, however, are very evil in their intentions toward others. They try to judge another’s intelligence by a gaff made by another individual. It is spread on every social network possible. The person is laughed at. The person is called names. There is one intent: TO DESTROY the individual. This is sinful.

It is sinful for several reasons:

1. A gaff does not reflect one’s intelligence.

2. Everyone, including people who point them out in others, make gaffs from time to time. If they say they have never done do, they are lying. Question: Are they ignorant and stupid too?

3. We do not hold everyone to the same standard when it comes to gaffs. Some we overlook; some we do not. Some we use against others; some we do not.

4. When we intend to destroy another person, evil resides in the heart of the person.

Let’s allow a gaff to be just that, a gaff. Let’s laugh a little. Then, let’s tell the truth. The person usually knows better. It was a simple slip of the tongue.

My friend, if a gaff reflects on intelligence, then all of us are pretty stupid.