It Is Gone and It Is Gone Forever

by Victor M. Eskew

October is past, but we will have another October next year. This is true, but we will NEVER have another October, 2019. October, 2019 is gone forever.

I recently had a birthday and turned 60. Just think, sixty years of my life is gone, and it is gone forever. This is true of every individual. The time that is behind you is gone forever. It cannot be purchased. It cannot be miraculously produced. No government action will bring it back. Wishing and longing for it will do no good. The time that is gone is gone forever.

All we have is the time that it is in front of us. It could be just minutes. It could be a few hours. We might have a day or two. We could have a few months.

Most believe that they have several more years ahead of them. What will you do with the time that is in front of you? Soon November, 2019 will be gone. In a brief amount of time, we will welcome in 2020. From now till then, how will you use your time?

There are really only two options: waste it, or, use it wisely. What can you do to use your time wisely in the minutes, hours, days, months, or years you have left to live? Make a list of what is really important. Do everything you can do to get those things done.

Remember: Once time is gone, it is gone forever.