I Wonder About A Lot of Things

by  Bill Hallstead

  • I wonder why people who punish a child for lying tell the same child, “Just say I’m not home.”
  • I wonder why people who can get to work by 7:00 or 8:00 can’t get to church by 10:00.
  • I wonder why people are ecstatic if a ball game goes into overtime, but upset if church does the same.
  • I wonder why, when the preacher says, “In closing…” he doesn’t.
  • I wonder why people disregard thoughtless things that are said at work, by friends, or in a store, but not if the same things are said by someone at church.
  • I wonder why so many feel free to skip church for things they wouldn’t dream of skipping work to do.
  • I wonder why it’s a compliment to say a man’s sensitive, but an insult to say he is emotional.
  • I wonder why a speaker who “needs no introduction” gets one anyway.
  • I wonder why people wouldn’t dream of stealing money from the collection plate think nothing of skipping their church contributions. Or why people who expect their church to always be there for them when they need it, give their money to other places instead.
  • I wonder why those who work the hardest in the church, give the most, and are the most consistent in serving the needs of others, are the ones who appreciate the church the most, but the ones who do and give the least find the most fault.
  • I wonder why parents who wouldn’t dream of letting their children decide for themselves whether or not to attend school, go to the dentist, or wear decent clothes, think it’’s proper to let them decide for themselves whether to attend Bible class and church services.
  • I wonder why people who say, “Money isn’t everything,” act as if it were.
  • I wonder why people still remember things they forgave 10 years ago.
  • I wonder why other people’s sins are always so much worse than our own.
  • I wonder why other people’s children are so naughty, but our own are cute when they’re doing the same things. Or why it’s the fault of the other children’s parents when the children do wrong, but our own do wrong in spite of our having taught them better.
  • I wonder why people who say “I can quit anytime I want to” can’t. Or why people keep themselves enslaved to a habit in order to prove their independence.
  • I wonder why people who stand before God and vow “Till death shall part us,” later decide that it must mean, “till the going gets tough,” or, ““till I find someone I like better.” Then I wonder why they say it’’s God’s will for them to break the vows they made to Him. Does that mean He really wants us to lie to Him? I wonder, does God bless us for lying?
  • I wonder why people apologize to the preacher when he hears them use God’s name as a swear word. Doesn’t it seem like they should apologize to God?
  • I wonder why we don’’t sing “Sweet minute of prayer.”
  • I wonder how long after death it takes for atheists to know they were wrong.
  • I wonder how long it takes for those who decide to “end it all” to discover they just started it all.
  • I wonder why the fertilized egg of a Sea Tortoise is deserving of all the protection of law, but a fertilized egg of a human, or a live human baby yet unborn, has no such rights.
  • I just wonder about a lot of things. Don’t you? I wonder if God doesn’t wonder about us a lot, too. I wonder if He’s ashamed, or if He just sadly shakes His divine head. I wonder, does God cry?