I Can’t Imagine. . .

Glen Head

It has been a long while since I have watched the news for any amount of time. I was visiting a sister Friday afternoon and someone mentioned the terrorist attacks that happened several days ago in France. It didn’t surprise me in the least that there was another “strike.” I guess what did surprise me was that the terrorists attacked a place of business concerning the printing of newspapers, more specifically cartoonists. These cartoonists were known for making fun of all religions, yet the Muslims considered what they did to Mohamed idolatry. I don’t understand much of this story and I won’t try to, because I have a life. What does enter my mind is what effect stories like this do have on our lives?

I am a Christian! The threat of the power of Islam is becoming more and more obvious. We have been told time and time again that this is supposed to be a peaceful religion. I guess anyone can say that about a man-made doctrine. They can say whatever they want. (Col. 2:8,18) To many, Christianity is a peaceful religion, but when you look at Catholicism and the rule of men concerning that religion (Catholicism) from its early conception to only a few hundred years ago, they were a murderous bunch. A few controlled many and they controlled the idea of that religion (Catholicism). But first century Christianity is not that way.

The Christianity of the Bible is so different from the doctrines of men. It is a peaceful religion where spirituality and holiness rule. Truth is what you read in the Gospel, and if so-called “Christianity” is any different then it is not Christianity! Then it is not peaceful! There was a cartoon I saw a few days ago where one of the characters said, “I must tell you about Jesus even if it costs me my life.” Christianity is not a forceful religion yet it is a religion where the Christian must live one’s life for God and God only. It is about the sacrificing of one’s self – from the old man given over to the world to the new man that is transformed through the Word of God. (Rom. 12:1-2) And this we must teach! (Mat. 28:18-20) There is no persecution of others if they refuse. There is no promise from Christ of eternal rewards in heaven in return for threatening, persecuting or murdering others.

Until a few days ago, I couldn’t imagine (me nodding my head) the teachings of Christ being taught “underground” because of the fear of Islam. What if one held a lectureship concerning the religion of Islam? All that was presented in that lectureship was truth. Things that could be proven through word, through deed, and through history. Imagine this lectureship in past years being a big event – it has been well known for its informed and studied speakers. Now imagine looking forward to that lectureship and not being able to find it on the internet, where it once was easy to find. Can extremists of any religion cause Christians to hide from the public their efforts in teaching the truth? Catholicism at one time did. I can’t imagine it happening today, in my time, on my watch!

But do you know what? It is. I don’t blame my brothers and sisters, not this time. These Christians are thinking about their brothers and sisters in Christ and their safety. These Christians are thinking about the safety of their children. What happened a few days ago has reinforced the resolve of those who are concerned about the safety of such events. But these events must continue. We need to be educated about the things of the world that oppose the God of the Bible. Islam has been one of the biggest threats against God-fearing men and women in my lifetime. But it doesn’t hold a candle to sin. Sin has and will destroy nations. Sin has and will destroy friends, family, spouses and our children. We can turn our backs for a while on Islam. We can turn our backs for a while on sin. But they both will creep into the crevices of our lives and grow if left unattended. I appreciate those in the brotherhood that continue educating brothers and sisters in the faith regardless of the obstacles put before them. Thank you!

P.S. I ask that you pray for the congregations that continue supporting and hosting lectureships that reinforce the truth in all areas of our Christian walk. This is from a sister congregation holding a lectureship titled Examining Islam.

”Hey Glen, I hope all is well.  Attached is the schedule.  Please pray for the lectureship, as this is a controversial (and potentially dangerous) topic to be covering.  We trust in God, no matter what, but we pray that the lectureship will be conducted in the proper way, according to His will.”