Group-Tipping Our Christian Duty

Wade Webster

I don’t think anyone likes it, except the waiters, when restaurants add a mandatory percentage of tip when you are dining as a big group.  Likely the main reason for such is they have learned when people eat in big groups it requires more work from the servers and often people don’t tip like they should.  You see it seems that people naturally assume in a big group others will do it.  They neglect their own responsibility because they are in the cover of a group.

Are we guilty of the same mistake when it comes to our Christian duties?  How many Christians are a part of a large group, we call them churches, and they assume someone else will do the duty?  Every Christian has a responsibility to visit the widows, sick, and hurting.  Every Christian has a responsibility to give sacrificially.   Every Christian is to be evangelistic and mission centered.  But we allow our group and the collective works of the group to cause us to assume “someone else will do it.”  The purpose of the church is not to take away our individual duties, but to provide encouragement and strength for us in order that we can live out our faith as individuals more powerfully.

The church can’t be like a restaurant and impose a percentage on everyone, but all of us need to step up and realize we have to “bear our own load.”  Don’t have a group-tipping attitude, determine to do your duty for the cause of Christ not turning your responsibilities over to the group.