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Do Methodists Not Have a Bible?

by Tommy J. Hicks

A “Special Session” of The General Conference of The United Methodist Church was held February 23-26, 2019, in St. Louis, Missouri. This “Special Session” met to decide if The United Methodist Church would strengthen or end its prohibitions regarding same-sex marriage and the ordaining of gays and lesbians into its clergy? The “Special Session’s” final vote was 53% to 47%” in favor of strengthening the prohibitions “against” same-sex marriage and ordaining gays and lesbians into its clergy. This may lead to a wide-open break in the United Methodist Church.

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When Man Loses Respect For Bible Authority

by Tommy Thornhill

Many years ago, I heard of a preacher who kept sounding the warning, “the ship of Zion is drifting,” He was comparing the Lord’s church with a ship floating on the sea (the world) headed for apostasy. The anchor that had been holding them fast to God has been lost in the sea of confusion and hopelessness, and the ship was being wrecked on the rocks of unbelief, despair, and doubt and was slowly sinking into oblivion. The lives of the people onboard the ship were about to be drowned and lost for eternity. This is the picture the apostle Paul used to describe those who had lost their faith, “which some having put away concerning faith have made shipwreck:1 Timothy 1:19.


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Always Faithful

by Raymond Elliott

It must have been a very emotional scene as the Marine Commandant visited the young men who lay wounded on their hospital beds following the terrible truck bombing of their barracks in Beirut on October 23, 1983. One young marine, who was critically wounded and could not talk because of the tubes in his throat, made a sign with his hands as the General visited him.

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Upcoming Events for January 26, 2020

February 1

Ladies Bible class at 10:30


February 2

Ladies’ service project after evening singing service.


February 9 

Fellowship meal after morning service.  Service at Parkview at 1:30.


February 16

Ladies’ service project after evening service

Organization of the Church (Part 2 of 2)

by Michael S. Cole, M.D.


The word deacon comes from a Greek word meaning “servant.” We find the first deacons being chosen because of a specific need in Acts 6. The needs and circumstances of a given situation in the New Testament church determined when deacons were appointed and how many were required. The deacons had authority only as they were assigned to be over some specific business.

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